Introductions all Around!

Well let me start of by saying HI! I am Samantha most people just call me Sam though =) I am almost 22 years old and will be starting at Aquinas in Grand Rapids in the Fall as a transfer from Ferris State University; and I am on the search for the perfect guy. I know, I know perfection doesn’t exist. But this guy will be perfect in my eyes because he loves me for me. It’s been almost a year and a half since I have been in any kind of relationship. Lets just say my last relationship wasn’t the most healthy. No I was not abused, but I was not loved either. I was emotionally distraught by putting everything I had into a relationship that didn’t give anything in return. When it ended I was hurt but anyone could have seen it coming from a mile away. We were complete opposites and I loved him more than he ever loved me. But within a couple of months of the breakup I was ready to move on…and still am. But something is missing….a guy to move on with.

My mom says I am picky…I find flaw with every guy I meet; but is it so bad that I want someone who I have sparks with when he kisses me? Who doesn’t kiss like a fish?? Who can carry on a conversation without me doing all the talking??? I don’t think it is…after all we are talking about the person I am going to spend the rest of my life with. I want what any girl wants…true love. Your probably thinking at this point that maybe I am searching for the impossible. I however do not think this is true; I know somewhere out there exists the perfect guy for me. But the hunt for this perfect guy has been anything but easy.

After the breakup with the guy I will now refer to as S2 ( I will explain my system later) there was a 6 months of no dating. I moved home and most importantly back in with my parents. I dated Paul who was far too pushy for me, than Pat…also too pushy. But they were excellent kissers both of them. After Pat came Mike, who I meant off of the internet on E-Harmony. Now I am not knocking internet dating because I know a lot of people find there soul mates on there but its not for me. Mike was a very nice guy but was exactly my height. I like a taller guy for some odd reason, maybe its the whole prince charming thing…anyway Mike was a homebody and I like to get out. Suffice it to say it didn’t last very long. After Mike I decided it was best to stay away from guys from a while. I just started hanging out with my best friend where we would go to the clubs and dance the night away. I like the freedom of dancing at a club with a guy because there is no strings attached. Until I meant Jay, he was cute, nice, and asked for my phone number. For our first date Jay and I went to the beach….he brought food and drinks which gave him a plus in my book. But after several more dates it was clear he couldn’t carry on a conversation so I decided we were better off as friends. But enough about the guys I have dated recently I would like to explain the reason I call the ex-boyfriend S2. I have dated guys whose names start all with the same letter. Lets see first S1 and S2 (I prefer not to say there names because they know me better than the other guys) Than Jake, John, and Jay, Pat and Paul; and lastly Mike and Mark. I have decided that my perfect guy is a guy whose name DOES NOT start with those letters!

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