Just Goes to Show…

Men will wait around for a girl to make up her mind just like women will wait for a guy. I have a friend named Charlie, he is the sweetest guy…but when it comes to woman he is a little naive. He dated this girl for five years…almost positive that she was the girl he was going to marry. That was until she cheated on him. Charlie stuck around hoping they could make things work; putting his all into the relationship when she gave so little. A week ago Charlie and I went to go see Toy Story 3 together. We had a good time and for the first time in a long time Charlie was finally resigning himself to the fact that maybe he was better off without her. I mean she had a new guy and was always posting pictures of the two of them together on Facebook. Yesterday Charlie sent me a text message saying that he had kissed her and that she told him she loved him.  He asked me for advice saying “Why would she stay with him if she loves me?” I had to be a friend I couldn’t just blow him off even though I felt he was being entirely too ridiculous by even continuing to talk to her. “Charlie, she can’t make up her mind.” That’s all I said. He said its not the waiting for her to make up her mind that bugs him its the not knowing that sucks. What do you do when your friend is being stupid about a relationship? I have learned sometimes its just best to let them find out for themselves that things aren’t going to work out. Because sometimes saying something will hurt a really good friendship. I’m hoping Charlie will make the right choice and not go back to someone who hurt him so much; but that decision will be up to him.

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