He’s Special

Today I had a date with my friend David. Let me tell  you this; if David was a poem…he would be a love poem. He makes my heart melt. He’s so funny and I always laugh when I think of all the good times we have had. Today we went furniture shopping at Art Van…because as you all know I am on the search for a house! When the sales lady walked over to ask and  asks if we need help David says “We were just looking at that bedding because it matched the curtains that we liked.” It so did match the curtains that I found and was absolutely in love with. But what amazed me more was the fact that David remembered those curtains. I never have had a guy remember something like that, I was in complete and utter awe of him at that moment. So happy! The best part of the day….spending it with him and the kiss =). David is a good kisser, the perfect amount of soft lips. I also liked how we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and I have to order the messiest dish…Wings with bone in.  I managed to make a complete mess of myself and he says I look cute when I am eating. Ahhh..can’t wait to see what happens next.

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