Meeting with old friends =)

Today was a good day. I went to the zoo with the parental units and the little brother. It is my conclusion that you are never to old to go to the zoo.  Here I am almost 22 and I still love seeing all the animals; enriching myself with knowledge about where they come from and what they eat. It never gets boring and you always see some pretty  interesting things. After a hot walk through the zoo my Mom treated the family to Dairy Queen where I preceded to down a large Cappuccino Heath Blizzard….very yummy and I definitely recommend it to you if you like Cappuccino.  I also got to hang out with an old friend today which was very nice. Often friends grow apart, unfortunately it is a fact of life. But I always look forward to the day when I get a call asking me to hang out. John and I went for a walk by the Grand River and I got all muddy which he found pretty amusing, I however did not. We talked a lot about his failed relationship and him leaving for the Navy in November….and also about David. It was exciting to finally talk about David to someone who is not related to me; it in a sense makes things seem more real and less frightening.  Friends have the most obscure point of view on life; making you take a second look at things and helping prevent you from getting your head to far into the clouds. While talking to John I remembered a piece of advice that I gave my 16-year-old cousin “Never let a guy become your whole world no matter how much you love him.” It’s important that while your in a relationship you take time for yourself and friends. It helps the relationship maintain clarity and make that time that you spend together all the more special =)

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