I have come to the conclusion that shopping can cure even a broken heart. I mean think about it you just lost the love of your life so what do you do? That’s right folks go out and spend some money. From across the room you spot the perfect pair of shoes…ahhh shoes my one true weakness.

The possibilities when it comes to shoes are endless. You have flats, boots, sandals, pumps, sneakers…and then sometimes you even get combinations of these glorious and beautiful shoes. When you put on a type of shoe you can take on a whole different persona. It is a glorious thing. I dream of one day completing law school and becoming a high class lawyer and putting on an expensive pair of pumps. Those pumps will make me feel powerful…better.  I dream of pencil skirts and high heels; long curly locks of hair. Yes, I dream of being the perfect beautiful lawyer. I hope it happens. But for now, onward to the shoe section and those gorgeous black heels that are calling my name.

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