Life in General

Sorry its been a while since I wrote. I turned 22 on Tuesday which is a huge accomplishment. Years ago I thought I would never make it this far. When you are 10 you never imagine being this age; everything is in the here and now and you never seem to worry about the future. Now I worry about the future all the time. I worry about passing on my genetic code to my future children, I worry about finding a guy I could reasonably spend the rest of my life with, and I worry about providing for that future family. I talked to my friend John about this and he said he sees me settling down and being very happy. But it’s hard to imagine when it all seems so far off.  When a young girl is growing up she pictures herself walking down the aisle in a flowing white gown with prince charming waiting to kiss her. Now I would just be happy finding a guy to have a relationship with. I don’t need Prince Charming any longer…just the prince for me. Someone who will cook me breakfast on the days when I am not feeling well, give me back rubs, and cherish my kisses. Why does waiting for the future have to be so damn difficult??


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