Past, Present, Future

Wishes fall like shooting stars. I watch them from the balcony as I sit and think. No matter how hard I wish I can’t get what I want. You laying next to me, comforting me in times of sadness.  I hate being indecisive…I know it bugs you. But I need to do what’s best for me. You leaving in November will be one of the hardest things I will ever have to deal with in my life. It keeps me up at night because you  and I have something special; I’m afraid of losing that.  Does anyone else know what I mean? Having someone you care about leaving for the military?? It’s so unfair….I know he’s doing it because he wants to make something out of his life but I keep thinking what if we had meant last year. Would things be different? I’ll never know but I can just be there for him now and support him. Let him know I will think long and hard before I make a decision…hopefully it will be the right one for both of us.


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