Lets just say it…sex.

Sex. Everyone does it, whether with themselves or someone else. So when in a relationship does sex become something you discuss or want to do?? How soon is too soon?? When I was growing up I swore I would wait until I was married to have sex. Well that quickly changed once I had a serious boyfriend, but now I realize something. Sex is something that should be savored and not gone into to hastily. If you rush into sex you are ruining a potentially wonderful relationship. Your skipping the most important step….getting to know someone on a truly intimate level by discussion. Sure sex is wonderful, the touching, kissing, and closeness of it all. But I think sex is something that should wait until you both are ready and have gotten to really know one another.  Sex is so much better with someone that you love and who loves you back. It helps you  be more open about whats happening and discuss things that you like or do not like.  Then it truly is making love.


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