Men are confusing.

WHY THE HELL ARE MEN SO UTTERLY CONFUSING?? For once when someone likes me I want flashing neon signs above their heads with the words ask me out flashing in bright pink letters. I don’t want the scuttle hints anymore…I try my best to give hints back but it never seems to do anything. What does he want me to do? I mean I’ve already admitted I like him and he says he likes me. Why does the stage between dating and a relationship have to be so freaking awkward? Everything should just flow from one thing to another. Kind of like kissing. I mean sure the first kiss is awkward but after a while things flow, you begin to know what kind of pressure the other person likes on their lips, and what each kiss means. For once I don’t want to make the first move, I want the guy too. I want him to show what I mean to him. How much he enjoys being with me. I do not think  that is  too much to ask.


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